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Glance and Wonder everyday life we are continuously involved in “something”, we constantly have to deal with “something”, but always with a sort of indifferent blindness to its inner splendour, never having time for the uniqueness of its beauty nor the beauty of this uniqueness. Therefore, the experience of wonder is at the same time a break with our daily life but not an escape from reality; there’s no ecstasy or rapture about that but the creation of an inner and deeper connection with that something which now appears in the evidence and the intimacy of its being exactly that thing...

Silvano Petrosino “L’apparire e il risplendere tipologie di sguardi”

Nature is the theme of my photography. Its essence is an attempt to go beyond the "impression", beyond what appears at first glance to be "struck" quickly on the camera sensor. Rather it is an attempt to give "expression" to experiences and emotions which through images might reveal the intimate and hushed, delicate and interior tone of the Lands that I decide to visit.

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